APO is serving old version of pages in Safari and Firefox on iPhone

After few days and a lot of troubleshooting I still can’t solve the problem with old content on mobile Safari and Firefox. It happens for homepage and any other page.

I use Litespeed chache and APO.

I tried Edge chache TTL rule but that does not help.
Purge of pages does not help.
I changed TTL for pages in Litespeed chache to only few hours and it does not help.
I tried Browser chache TTL rule but does not help.

On iPhone in Chrome I get new content immediatly.

Funny thing is that even on device that never loaded page before I get old page content so it is obviously problem in APO. That means it is not related to chache header.

I just can’t figure out why is it happening only on iPhone in Safari and Firefox.

As soon I enable bypass rule page is served with new content.

If I “Purge Everything” I get new content but I can’t do that all the time.

I am out the ideas and even though I have only few new post per day this is big problem. Especially when I make changes in content. I am aware that 80% of mobile traffic is with Chrome but I don’t want to see any more bounces then needed since addtiional bounce rate can affect SEO.

These seem to contradict each other.

In your APO settings, have you enabled the Cache by device type option? That’s generally unnecessary because modern sites are responsive and serve the same content, regardless of device.

These seem to contradict each other.

Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it works in different way. Anyway, I tried it only once. I think it helped.
But important thing is that single page purge does not work.

I have mobile specific theme. Theme is responsive but as you probably know light pages are important for SEO. That is the reason I have mobile theme.

And Desktop visitors get a different theme?

Yes. I have separate theme for mobile and desktop.

Problem is only on iPhone in FF and Safari. Chrome on iPhone is OK.
I tried to delete cache in FF and I still get old content.

As I wrote, on iPhone device in Safari that never opened page I get old content.

I’m not sure how Cache by device type works. I’d assumed there were just two caches: Desktop and Mobile. Maybe there’s some other cache key for other mobile browsers.

I haven’t seen @yevgen in a while, but he might know the inner workings of Cache by device type, and why some mobile browsers get different content from other mobile browsers.

And check this out.

I have rule to bypass CF for one url.

In FF I have new content for that url.

I disable rule to bypass CF.

I refresh FF page.

And what? I get old content.


I think I would not believe that if I didn’t see with my own eyes.

I enable bypass rule.

And I get new content.

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