APO is not working properly for me?

Hello guys
Regarding my APO, it is not working properly. This situation appears to me:
Cf-Cache-Status: BYPASS
Sometimes, when using the incognito browser, this situation appears:
Cf-Cache-Status: REVALIDATED
Sometimes this situation appears to me:
Cf-Cache-Status: EXPIRED

I don’t know why everything was installed correctly I guess

Regarding the tag: Cf-Apo-Via: it always has this value: origin,cookie

Can you guys please tell me why this is happening to me?


APO will bypass cache for logged-in visitors. So you should always test with either incognito or with a browser where you’re not logged into your WordPress website.

REVALIDATED and EXPIRED will be returned for pages for which a revalidation is requested by the Cache-Control header, via “must-revalidate” or other directives, which are set by your backend (theme + plugins). You shouldn’t worry too much about them unless you see an impact on the site’s performance.

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