APO is not working at all

i setup the APO and its dosent work . i treid all solutions found in the comunity but its still dont working !

  1. cf-apo-via:origin,no-cache

  2. cf-cache-status:BYPASS

  3. cf-ray:744053f11b31fa3c-AMS

  4. content-encoding:br

Bypass is defined like this:

Status Description
BYPASS The origin server instructed Cloudflare to bypass cache via a Cache-Control header set to no-cache,private, or max-age=0 even though Cloudflare originally preferred to cache the asset. BYPASS is returned when enabling Origin Cache-Control. Cloudflare also sets BYPASS when your origin web server sends cookies in the response header.

So if cache control no-cache is set, cache will be bypassed.
Please make sure, you don’t have “Disable Cache” activated in your browsers dev.consoles “Network” tab, as this bypasses all APO caches.

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