APO integration and WordPress integration not working

Hi, I just bought and installed Cloudflare APO.
On this page is an explanation on how to check if it works: https://developers.cloudflare.com/automatic-platform-optimization/get-started/verify-apo-works

The first check (Verify APO works) passes

But the second check (Verify the APO integration and WordPress integration work) does not pass

When you check this new page: https://meditatieinstituut.nl/test-apo/ with https://www.uptrends.com/tools/http-response-header-check
it gives back:

Anyone an idea what might be the problem?


https://websniffer.cc/?url=https://meditatieinstituut.nl/test-apo/ shows:

cf-apo-via:	tcache
CF-Cache-Status:	HIT
cf-edge-cache:	cache,platform=wordpress

HTTP response header check | Uptrends shows the same as Web Sniffer.

O, hey you’r right. It’s giving back good results now.
Maybe it takes some time after publishing a new page?

Anyway… good to know it work’s!
APO increased my Google Pagespeed results a lot by the way.

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