APO incompatible with Ezoic

Ezoic says I cannot use Cloudfare’s Automatic Platform Optimization (APO). I turned it on and got really great performance results but see this in my Ezoic dashboard:
Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization detected. Please turn off ‘Automatic Platform Optimization’ in your Wordpress Cloudflare plugin settings. This setting caches HTML before it reaches Ezoic making it incompatible with our systems.

I would really like to use APO, any ideas on how to make it compatible with Ezoic?

I have the same issue. Just signed up for Cloudflare’s APO and received the same error. I can’t find any info on how to solve this.

Not sure, but it’s an old issue which eZoic has had… or not an issue, rather a feature due to the serving ads and counting the revenue?, also not sure what’s the state of their code recently and what’s their plugin or not doing at all despite having or not integrated Cloudflare through their interface in your case? :thinking:

Take a look here:

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