APO ignore login of the paywall

I have a news website (Wordpress) which I have been using the APO resource for a few years, and using the APO resource has effectively improved access time in a very satisfactory way.
Not long ago, we started using login control for users to block non-logged-in access to posts from some specific categories. This login control uses PHP and JavaScript (not the same as Wordpress login) which needs to be dynamic.
However, with APO active, the block is ignored. And when I disable APO, access time is terribly compromised.
Could you help me with this issue?


You either cache your pages or you don’t . Unless you have Enterprise plan, which entitles you to create Cache Keys, all you can do with APO is cache non-logged-in pages (will be fast) and not cache logged-in pages (won’t be fast). You of course the website needs to inform APO somehow how is it that the content for logged-in requests is supposed to be handled: cache or bypass.

How exactly do you think APO should behave? Do you have separate URLs with query strings, or do you set cookies to bypass cache?