APO, Google Tag Manager, and Member Content

I’m thinking of implementing APO but have not been able to find answers of it will interfere with how my site works.

Firstly we use Google Tag Manager to implement various analytics and Google Optimize. Will APO get in the ways of using Optimize?

Many of the tags in GTM are also only fired once consent is given through our cookie compliance plugin (Complianz) and I have some concerns about the tags firing with APO.

We also have some content that is only accessible to members. So on a normal page, some content is hidden behind shortcodes that allow members to see that content, and some content is hidden from members via shortcode (like offers to sign up to be a member). Will APO interfere with this?

Any help is welcome! Thank you!

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Hi @jd1

we have more thousands of zones using APO, there are no known issues with GTM compatibility so far. You can test the part with shortcodes by running APO on a subdomain for your staging version.