APO for Wordpress issue

I would like to deploy APO for Wordpress, but it caches a forum I have on my website. I have a rule set to bypass cache on the forum, and it normally works quite well. But it doesn’t work when APO for Wordpress is turned on. Any suggestions?

Can you clarify what you mean by doesn’t work? What does the page rule look like and how are you testing whether it is working?

When I have APO for Wordpress enabled, my forum (Simple Machines Forum) logs in users as users that aren’t them. For example, if I log in as myself, I might appear to be logged in as another user. I can’t drill down into their account, but I also can’t post or use the forum, and neither can my users.

I have a rule set up that prevents caching on the forum when WordPress APO isn’t enabled, but it doesn’t appear to work when the APO is enabled. I have tested by trying to log in as myself (admin), a test user with a standard rights set, and by talking with forum members who contacted us about the problem.

OK - is the forum on the same domain or subdomain? Can you provide the output from curl -svo /dev/null https://example.com/my-forum-url when APO is enabled? Replace https://example.com/my-forum-url with your forum URL.

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