APO Font Caching

It’s my understanding that APO will cache 3rd party fonts. I have DNS prefetch set for Google fonts but they do not seem to be cached by APO, since a call is made back to Google on every page load. Should I disable DNS Prefetch for the fonts?

Once APO is enabled, all those trips to the origin are removed. TTFB benefits greatly because the first hop starts and ends at Cloudflare’s network. This also means the browser starts working on fetching and painting the webpage sooner meaning each paint event occurs earlier. Last by caching third party fonts, we remove additional requests that would need to leave Cloudflare’s network and extend the time to display text to the user. Often, websites use fonts hosted on third-party domains. While this saves bandwidth costs that would be incurred from hosting it on the origin, depending on where those fonts are hosted, it can still be a costly operation to fetch them. By rehosting the fonts and serving them from our cache, we can reduce one of the remaining costly round trips.

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Good question. I’m in the same situation. Google fonts are still hosted by Google. Pre-load is set, but I’m not sure what originally set that pre-load (theme/plugin/Cloudflare/???).

Sorry, I’m using the wrong terminology. I’m talking about “Prefetch DNS Requests”. I set these Google addresses to be prefetched.


Anyone know?

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