Apo does'nt work in wordpress cloudflare plug in


I payed for cloudflare APO, And I instal cloudflare plug in in wordpress. Then I copy a new api token for wordpress.
Afterthat, I have some issues:

  • Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress doesn’t stop to turn when I click on.
  • when I clear cache, Automatic Platform Optimization bouton come back in OFF position.
  • And on cloudflare website, in the section optimisation → Automatic Platform Optimization pour WordPress → I have this message : Note: The WordPress plug-in has not been detected in atelierb9.com.

I delete plug in cache and I have the same probleme.
Thanks for your help.

Hi @nicolasterraes.photo

Please try and delete the plugin and start from the beginning with a new setup following the documentation here Activate the Cloudflare WordPress plugin · Cloudflare Automatic Platform Optimization docs

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