APO does not work

I’ve been having some issues with my site ever since I picked up the Cloudflare app and activated Wordpress Optimization.

After removing it and going back to my caching plugin, things have never been the same. I removed all instances of the Cloudflare plugin from my file manager to no avail.

So, I went back took out my caching plugin and cleared everything out of the file manager. Followed the instructions for the Cloudflare app step by step, activated the API and everything appears normal until the last step.

I clicked the link to Upend to test my site and it’s getting a 403 error for over an hour now. Checking Lighthouse, my speeds are horrendous.

If I remove the app and go back to my caching plugin, I will no longer get the high A score I was previously receiving and the best I can get is a low B.

I don’t know what’s going on specifically but this all started by activating APO and installing the Cloudflare plugin, which has been a source of frustration for awhile now.

Seriously, nothing?

I submitted two support tickets one for double-billing me this month and a notice saying that I was past due on the same day they billed me second time this month and one regarding this issue.

I get automated AI responses and the billing response has nothing to do with that problem.

The other ran a check on my site and said there was an error and I need to get wtih my host A2. Okay, so when I got to my host’s support section gues what? It’s down with an error from Cloudfare who they use as their CDN. You really can’t make this stuff up. I think I’m about done with this company.

The APO problem is a known issue since last year and it still hasn’t been resolved and Cloudflare is useless in helping their customers. I bet if you take away all these $20 a month small clients you’d lose more than half of your revenue stream. This is the absolute worst experience ever.

Hi @partyfavorz,

If you have a billing issue, please open a topic in #general:billing with the issue and your ticket number.

If you no longer want to use Cloudflare, just cancel your subscriptions and move your nameservers elsewhere.

If you want help with APO, what is this ‘known issue’ that you refer to? Do you have a link for that?


Kindly and patiently wait for an reply.

May I ask you to post the ticket numbers here?

the double billing issue is an aside to the bigger issue with APO and the plugin. Yet, I keep getting a warning that I’m past due when I log in. WTF?

Any quick search will show a plethora of issues with it (many similar to the issues I’m experiencing) yet have never been resolved even though one particularly long thread indicates that it was.

This primarily effects the admin and the backend. It shouldn’t be caching it at all but it causes constant redirects which are problematic for logging in, deactivating or activating plugins and most importantly, Wordpress inability to save posts before pushing them live. You lose everything. When I remove Cloudflare and turn off APO and just re-add my caching plugin — everything works as expected. The issue is clearly with APO and the Cloudfare plugin.

However, after removing everything and reverting back to my original setup, nothing works as it had before. That I cannot explain because there are no conflict issues with any of my plugins. Everything works but my scores are nowhere near what they were prior to activating APO.

If you had read the original post about this issue you would see the error with the headers after Uptrends checked for a period of 24 hours. Instead, you chose to jump right into the final comment after I received no responses about the problem completely ignoring the original issue. This is typical knee-jerk reaction to go on the defensive instead of addressing the problem.

It’s a shame that it takes a rant to get you folks to even acknowledge my concern but you’re right. I will take my business elsewhere. Cloudflare was crappy 5 years ago when I first tried them and they haven’t changed one iota since then. You have absolutely the worst service I’ve ever experienced.

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