APO does not update the Home page when an entry is published.

The home page does not refresh automatically when I publish an entry. I have noticed that since I have activated the APO function, the website does not clear the cache when I publish or update an entry, but I have to purge it manually. In Wordpress I have the plugin activated and the account connected.

I have tried deactivating other plugins and the same thing happens. I’ve seen that this is a common error, which happens to many users, but I can’t find a solution.

May I ask which value is set for Browser Cache TTL option for homepage within the APO settings for your Website?

It is set to 4h. I understand that it refers to fixed files, but that those that change should be updated instantly.

how long should visitor’s Web browser keep it in cache before Web browser asks the Website for another set of webpage (cached HTML). Until it keeps it for 4 hours, you would still see a cached version of your webpage (home) either if you updated it with new content for the next 4 hours, or so.

You can Purge Cache from the Cloudflare Plugin page in WordPress admin.

WordPress does not automatically purge the cached pages/posts/categories

Kindly, see this post:

May I also ask what is your domain name?
Which version of APO plugin are you using?
Are you also using the official Cloudflare plugin for WordPress?

Tagging @yevgen as he could be able to help here.

Ok, what I need is to automatically purge the Home page when publishing or updating content, and by default, the categories/tags associated with these entries.

My website is written by several editors who don’t have access to Cloudflare, nor to many Wordpress menus.

The domain is: https://www.lacasadeel.net/
And the Cloudflare plugin is the official in the last version (4.7.0). What I don’t understand is what you mean by APO plugin version.

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