APO & Cloudflare's own minification? Any benefit?

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Does APO automatically minify CSS, HTML, and JS?

Currently I have Cloudlfare’s minification features for CSS, HTML, and JS switched off (because I assume Cloudflare APO already does all of this).

➜ In other words, if I do activate that minification feature, will it be doing anything new that Cloudflare APO doesn’t already do?

Are there any likely speed benefitis if I do activate the checkboxes for minification?

Thank you!

I don’t think APO does that. Best to tick all the minification options in the dashboard itself.

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You need to switch it on, and I believe APO caches what is served so the original request would need to be minified, and if you do not use minification from a plugin then Cloudflare request to origin would use the minification.

The easiest way to tell is to clear the cache, untick everything as you have already done, open your page once it’s cached source code, and look for .min on the end of your .js and .css files. If they are missing, then bingo :slight_smile:

That’s what I do, but seeing how APO is run from the Cloudflare plugin, clicking on the " Apply Recommended Cloudflare Settings for WordPress" should already do that. I’m not a fan of that feature because I’m never entirely sure what will happen, but it’s documented here:


Great, that was helpful, thank you everybody!

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