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Hello ! I recently purchased a Cloudflare Apo subscription. I want to test if it works properly. I used the instructions on this article https://kinsta.com/blog/cloudflare-apo-wordpress/#how-to-confirm-cloudflare-apo-for-wordpress-is-working . The only header that doesn’t appear is cf-edge-cache. How do I solve this?

This header is present when the Cloudflare plugin is installed and enabled for your WordPress domain. If you don’t see it, please check your WP installation to make sure the plugin is up and running.

I have already installed the Cloudflare plugin on my SiteGround account and it is enabled

I know a trick. Simply run a test at Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools

If you see the MISS response time is drastically faster than before, it means ARGO is at work. Normally, MISS response will have 800ms but with ARGO this should be still under 300-400ms.

I got results below 400 less in Bangalore Location-TTFB 460.64 ms.

The biggest problem is that APO Cloudflare did not improve the score obtained on Google Page Speed ​​at all. Something is definitely not right.

Why does Cloudflare APO have no effect on Google Page Speed ​​score? How do I solve this problem?

Is APO making your site faster, regardless of Google PageSpeed test?

Online speed tests have each their own formulas and idiosyncrasies. You may want to check this post by @eva2000 (and the posts it links to) to better understand how Google PageSpeed works, and what you can do about your scores.

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20 minutes ago I purchased Apo Cloudflare in order to increase my performance on Google Page Speed. I don’t see the slightest improvement. What should I do?

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