APO cf-cache-status MISS in a short time

We’re using the Cloudflare APO on our website https://naturalmoreish.com.au which is hosted on Kinsta.

I read the APO documentation and I noticed that the expiry time of the APO caches are 30 days. But when I visit our website in a short time (like 1-2 hours), I can see “cf-cache-status: MISS, Origin”.

I think something is wrong because I didn’t update anything on the website and I expect the cf-cache-status: HIT in 30 days!

Please let me know what do you think about it.


I am too getting miss when visiting

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Make sure you’re inspecting these response headers with logged out session and Wordpress site cookies deleted otherwise logged in sessions will bypass CF APO cache at least.

How are you doing page refreshes via CTRL+F5 or normal F5? You have must-revalidate header for cache-control and on CTRL+F5 it will force a revalidation.

Also CF Wordpress APO doesn’t cache on no-cache requests and if you open web browser dev tool’s network tab make sure you do not have ‘disable cache’ checked as that forces a no-cache request to bypass Wordpress APO caching.


You can use a tool like HTTP Header Checker - Check HTTP Response Headers With curl | KeyCDN Tools to check outside of your web browser and any cookies it has saved and this tool Performance Test - Check URL Speed From 10 Global Locations | KeyCDN Tools to see geographical response headers when you click results down arrow to expand response headers

example in Sydney your page has been in cache for age: 75743 - 75,743 seconds

In Frankfurt, cached page in cache for age: 13161 - 13,161 seconds

Also the max cache time is only a guide. Cloudflare may purge cache entries which do not get frequent visits at all. Does you web site get much traffic - decent traffic should keep it within cache though.

Also if you’re on paid Cloudflare plan, you have access to Cache Analytics dashboard tab to drill down into your site’s cache status to see as well. Example of one of my Wordpress blogs with own custom CF Worker full page HTML caching. Filter cache analytic requests for HTML type, 200 status code only and exclude /wp-admin paths which are expected to not be cached = rough estimate of cache hit rate for full HTML page caching of Wordpress pages/posts.


Yes, me too :frowning:

Much thanks for your response.

I used the KeyCDN and here is the results:

The problem is why I get a lot of “cf-cache-status: MISS”. Someone else commented that he gets a lot of MISS too. I haven’t updated anything on the website and didn’t clear any caches so why it MISSed the cache?

Uploading: Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 7.48.29 AM.png…

We get this errors since we’re using the Cloudflare APO:

Please help me to fix this issue, I’m exhausted about it. My client asks me everyday why we get this error and why the caches are MISS a lot of times.

I check website with incognito (without any cookies) and without enabling no-cache option. So, I see the fresh version of the website and I see a lot of MISSes.

Please check our website multiple times in different hours, you will see what I say.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so much!

In that case probably best to contact CF tech support via a ticket as they would ultimately have more intimate insight into your setup and traffic. It maybe something unique to just CF APO and/or with Kinsta in orange to orange cloudflare connection. Could just be a miss from CF Tiered cache that was queried, as subsequent requests if are hits could be from CF Tired cache and thus the age header for cache lifetime shows the request being within cache.

What does CF Cache Analytics dashboard and Tiered Cache stats report?

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