APO cf-cache not showing hit after wordpress site migration

After moving our WordPress site to a new server, Cloudflare APO stopped working as intended even. after 9 hours of propagation. It seems counter to the functionality that this would have something to do with this, but if anyone has any advice out there, we are all ears.

See log screenshot:

When moving a WordPress site to a new server, it’s possible that the Cloudflare APO (Automatic Platform Optimization) may stop working properly. Here are some possible solutions to this issue:

  1. Clear the cache: Clearing the cache can help resolve any caching issues that may be causing the Cloudflare APO to malfunction. You can clear the cache on both WordPress and Cloudflare to ensure that all cached data is removed.
  2. Check Cloudflare settings: Make sure that the Cloudflare settings are configured correctly and that the APO is enabled. You can check this by logging into your Cloudflare account and navigating to the Speed tab. Make sure that APO is turned on and that the settings are configured correctly.
  3. Check DNS settings: It’s possible that the DNS settings are not configured properly after moving the site to a new server. Make sure that the DNS settings point to the correct IP address and that the propagation has completed successfully.
  4. Check server configuration: The server configuration may need to be adjusted to ensure that it’s compatible with Cloudflare APO. You may need to contact your hosting provider to check the server configuration and make any necessary adjustments.
  5. Contact Cloudflare support: If none of the above solutions work, it may be best to contact Cloudflare support for assistance. They can provide more specific guidance and help troubleshoot the issue.

Hello there, have you tried removing and adding the APO plugin back? It might have had some settings not ported correctly in the switch…

At the very least options 1, 3, and 5, are not applicable here…

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Hi Matteo:

Thanks for this, did everything in that very order and the host pointed me toward contacting Cloudflare support. BUt as I am only paying for Cloudflare APO, Cloudflare does not offer support and I was redirected here, to the community. Any other suggestions?

Did everything and as I am only paying for Cloudflare APO, Cloudflare does not offer support and I was redirected here, to the community. Any further suggestions?

I re-read the code block you posted…

APO is working fine, the headers are there.
Have you set up Cache Everything rules? HTML by default isn’t cached in the normal cache.

This is standard behaviour…

Yes, it is fine now…it was not showing a hit with www. but confirmed all is working as intended now.

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