APO Causes Wordpress Template to disappear AFTER loading

When I switch on APO, I find that some pages on my Wordpress site will load correctly. However, a split second later my site template will disappear and the page become just become basic text and images.

I have WP Rocket, Cloudflare Firewall, Jetpack Lazyload.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Example page > https://www.neptunepinkfloyd.co.uk/roger-waters-usthem-concert-film-released-today-order-and-watch-some-online

Also, cloudflarestorage.com is getting blocked in my WAF Firewall rules, is this a legitimate part of Cloudflare and should your software be blocking it? :wink:

Further to the above, I just noticed that the page in the CF cache is about a month out of date even though I have purged my cache completely both in Wordpress and Cloudflare. The last article I posted on the site was 7th October but the broken pages (With ATO turned on) have the latest article as 2nd October. This is odd that it is using a cached page from the past and not today.

We’re looking into some instances where cache purging isn’t working as expected and should have an update for you in a few days.

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Thank you for the update.

I have noticed in my firewall the WAF rules are no longer catching your internal servers out. That cloudflarestorage.com domain was showing up as a host in my firewall for many requests and also being blocked for many. That seems to have stopped now and the APO appears to be working.

But yes, seemed to be a caching issue - some pages that were showing up were weeks out of date and no longer on the site supporting the theory that the cache wasn’t being deleted when I purged everything.


I can confirm that we have fixed the WAF conflicts, but still working on the intermittent purging issues in certain cases. More soon!

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