APO caching dropped significantly

I’ve been using APO for my Wordpress blog www.eetman.nl for almost a month now. The caching percentage has been at about 97% since then. That is until the 22nd of november. Now the percentage dropped to 67%.

Is there anyone who can explain this and knows a solution?

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I can’t help explain it, but I have the same problem. Almost the same numbers. It was steady for days at around 97% and then nosedived on 22nd October. It’s around 60% now and starting to drop off again even more, as we speak.

Edit: I thought it could have been a big spike in bot/junk traffic interfering with the average % but I checked, and there was nothing unusual looking from the 22nd to now.

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A bit of a long shot, but: did you update any plugings at the 22nd? As some change may have triggered it. For example: I use

  • Advanced Ads, which had an update 2 days ago
  • Akismet, updated 3 days ago

Same problem. Looks like APO is not working.

want to report the same here. literally i would look everyday and see the amazing cache and smile. then the past few days just like u say it’s back to pre-APO cache levels
maybe @yevgen has some answers?

that’s interesting, we will investigate.


This screengrab shows quite well the almost complete elimination of non-cache after I switched APO on and then the non-cached level goes back up from about 22nd Oct

Seeing the same issue here. Happened around the 22nd as well.


Any updates on this?

I need more specific information to diagnose the issue. Could someone provide an example of web page which should be cached with APO but bypasses cache for unknown reason?

I assume that would be either my homepage:

Or any of the blogposts:

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It hits the cache consistently, based on cf-apo-via header. Do you have specific steps how to repro cache bypass?


I just looked at my site, I have exactly the same problem? Since the 22nd I have a decrease of% of use of the cache.

I just looked at the headers, a good part of the pages are well loaded by the cloudflare service.

Stats or service problem?

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Also check your cache analytics for http method = purges Flooded with 14k WordPress feed requests in under 5 mins from Cloudflare IP

So now I checked the two pages I just mentioned in the Chrome developer page, looking for the cf-apo-via header. I saw that header only in the load of the initial response (not in the following js, css etc), but maybe that is okay.

I am not a very technical guy, but I did notice that the value sometines is different:
cf-apo-via: origin,cookie
cf-apo-via: kv

Based on the comment of @eva2000 I also noticed that I end up at a http version of my page, something I never noticed in the past. It happens for example when I enter www.eetman.nl

I am seeing cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
for all page loads

what’s the website you are testing it with?

There is an issue with serving pages from Cache when request comes from http 1.1. We will fix it in the coming days.


Can’t repro, please follow https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360049822312#h_01EEZY0SBQ8PFGVYGHS3H6B2BY