APO Cache status discrepancy

2 WordPress websites on the same server. Both using APO. Why does one show high Hit ratio while the other one shows mostly status None. Filtering None shows mostly HTML?


If you check the Edge Status Code for those None requests, do you see that most are not 200? In most cases, the None status is given to 3XX redirects and 4XX error codes. So one redirect in that website that is more requested may be what’s causing the discrepancy.

In any case, it’s nothing to worry about, as the analytics you see does not reflect actual human visitors (as, say, Google Analytics), but instead it reflects all requests, including bots, SSL certificate requests etc.


Filter those 200 check what they are in terms of path.

I checked again and the results are now mostly HIT. Not sure what changed, other than the time slot?

Probably a glitch in the analytics panel?

I was wondering how 1.08 in one panel changed to 374 in the following, but realized you’re pulling the past 24 hours only, and with such small dataset there will always be oscillation.

If this is an issue, it would be reflected better in the month-long report, as it tend to minimize the effect of one day discrepancies, which can result from a bot insisting in requesting a path, for instance, or a misconfigured redirect or something like that.

On the Pro plan, 7 days is max that can be pulled. So I changed to 7 day but that shows the original problem.

Besides redirects and WAF pages (would’ve been 403), the only other case mentioned in the documentation for None/Unknown is Workers. Is any running at this website? Perhaps through a Cloudflare App?

No workers except for APO.

If you filter for 200, how many of a 7-day period respond with None?

So, as you can see the number of None from 200 responses is 360/11k, which is insignificant. So you should focus on non-200 responses to see what’s causing so many None status, but that should not be an issue per se. One of my domains has a high proportion of None cache status because it makes use of more redirects than other domains. This is just an example, you need to investigate your case by filtering for non-200 and check what’s causing it.

In my first post, “Filtering None shows mostly HTML?”
This doesn’t change pulling 7 day results and filtering for non-200.

After further filtering for non-200 and content type equals html, Edge status codes
shows 551 due to 403 Forbidden. So I guess the lesson here is filter, filter and filter some more.

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