APO cache not working, cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC

Yes this is part of Argo: https://www.cloudflare.com/products/argo-smart-routing/

  • Tiered Caching : Content served from adjacent data centers reduces cache-miss rates, server load, and end-to-end latency

Awesome. I guess I might consider getting Argo in the near future then.

On another note, should we expect a solution to the cookie problem in the coming days?


yes, we will rollout fix probably tomorrow.


Awesome. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.


The fix is live, please check.

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Great! Getting cf-cache-status: HIT in all Guest browsers now.

Thanks for the quick fix.

This issue is now resolved.


can we use same hosting for pbn sites?

As i already posted, APO - No Cache Update on news site! cache still not getting purged automatically :confused: I ve to manually clear cache, when i change, update, edit a post. url is dimokratianews.gr

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