APO Cache Miss When Testing With Pingdom

I have just added APO. If I examine the headers on my own site using Chrome tools, I see the cache HIT.

I ran some speed tests with Pingdom to compare before and after speeds but wasn’t seeing any changes in the results at all. After a bit of digging, I noticed the cache status was showing as DYNAMIC in the Pingdom test results.

I also looked at a few other sites that have enabled APO (found them in the community forums here) and tested them in the same way. Same thing. I see HIT when I examine the site directly, but run those sites through Pingdom and it misses.

This gives the impression that APO isn’t providing any benefits. I’m sure I can’t be the only one trying to confirm results using Pingdom’s test tool so it would be good if this worked.

You see dynamic in the headers as Pingdom sends no-cache header.


I see. So does that make Pingdom speed tests a lot less useful or relevant compared to GTmetrix?

It’s not really giving me an accurate picture of how people experience the site?

Only real page speed tool folks should focus on is webpagetest.org as it has latest web browsers and variety of testing locations, geographically. I wrote a a guide on using WPT at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/how-to-use-webpagetest-org-for-page-load-speed-testing.13859/

Example I posted at PageSpeed Insights is always bypassing APO HTML cache in using WPT to verify APO caching is working or not

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