APO - Cache is not purging, updating

We have 4 sites on Cloudflare APO, none of them are being updated after new content was posted. Cache purge has not been working for days now and support ticket is being ignored.

I am not using wp-rocket or any other caching plugins.

How about fixing this after so many days or at least check the support tickets as others are having the same issue.


Same thing is happening for us - the last successful purge was on February 13th. I enabled debug mode in Cloudflare plugin, I can see in the log that it is purging correct URLs and Cloudflare API returns success. Manual “Purge Everything” works.

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Same for me, very frustrating, I’m paying for pro plans and they don’t answer tickets in over a week

Yep, same here. Cloudlare APO does not appear to be working at this time (or is behaving erradically).

Testing Tool: Measure TTFB from 40 Locations - SpeedVitals

Any Cloudflare experts care to chime in? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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It has not been working for a week, support tickets are also unanswered for days - what are we paying for?

It appears to be working now. Our fix involved disabling APO (from our main CF dashboard), flushing all cache, re-enabling Argo Tiered Cache, re-enabling APO, and flushing all cache.

To verify it’s working, we used the following tools:

  • Speed Vitals
  • Webpageconfs HTTP header check
  • Sucuri TTFB


BTW for some reason for that site the “Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress” block is not visible in Speed->Optimization…

We are experiencing the same issue with APO enabled on our Wordpress site — saves on individual pages and posts are not purging the CF cache on those URLs. Please advise.

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If your site isn’t fully dynamic you can try Cloudflare enterprise with full page cache.

right… enterprise. Better idea: how about they fix what people are paying for after a week?

Well with enterprise you get real fast support.

But for real you can get enteprise from Cloudflare partners at a very low cost.

And get support from them. Which is faster.

thanks, but for real, what does Cloudflare enterprise have to do with this thread? And why are you wasting your time posting about here if it doesn`t matter - nothing better to do?

Hi everyone, can you DM me the url that is meant to be purged but is not being purged and the zone id that is issuing the purge.

I’ll DM you

If you have APO enabled + cache by device type enabled, in some cases, purge might not work for you right now. We are working on a fix for this. In the meantime, if you don’t need cache by device type, turning that off should fix things.


Thank you @zaidoon :+1:

Disabling “cache by device type” in the APO settings panel in our Wordpress install resolved the issue for now. We’ll be following here for any additional update on the finalized fix.

Disabling cache by device doesn´t fix anything for people who have a separate mobile version of their sites. It just shows the wrong versions of the site on desktop and mobile - but at least you are finally trying to fix this…after an entire week of silence

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Confirm as well that disabling “cache by device type” in the APO settings fixed the issue for us. Thank you @zaidoon!

Couple days ago, had to battle 304 response code on a site using APO and Argo Tiered Cache but not using cache by device. Finally got 200 but took way too much effort. Hopefully it’s been fixed?

I have APO enabled + cache by device enabled on my Pro plan.
I have a separate mobile version and the problem is still here for me.

Purging everything does not help, and disabling cache by device won’t help…

Any news @zaidoon ?
Is @yevgen still around ?