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Does anyone know if apo checks for changes on category pages or old existing posts when a new user visits them? My issue, apo is excellent, but I had to set a rule to dump edge cache after 24 hours as I post 3 to 6 times a day and nothing seems to update besides the direct post page. Tested also with several browsers.

Browser TTL is at 4 hours with cloud flare also.

Is this just a limitation of dynamic caching? Looking for any feedback.

Thanks all

It’s really what the Cloudflare plugin notices, and sometimes it doesn’t seem to know which pages are affected. You may have to open a ticket to have them take a look at what’s not getting updated.

Thought I realize it’s a hassle, but the Cloudflare Plugin Settings page lets you manually purge the cache whenever you want.

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I understand the purge on each page, but when you post a fair bit to go through each category page (I have 11 categories) then the tags, then the side widgets of related posts for various pages I literally need to purge far too many pages and posts if this makes sense. Easier to dump the entire cache, which at the same time is not ideal since it’s meant to last 30 days I believe.

I will try creating a ticket, see what they say.

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