APO & Cache hit rate


I get around 15K user on 5 pages from two countries. I am using APO. But html cache hit rate after 10 days cache in last 24 hour is 60% Hit 40% Bypass/Miss (excluding bots). NO CHANGE ON SITE (NO Update/plugin or otherwise).

Does keeping a paid worker plan help in increasing cache hit ratio?

60% doesn’t seem too bad. Keep in mind that every edge node is an independent cache, so geographically distinct visitors will net a MISS.

No. It’s all the same cache and same cache “rules” of retention, unless you’re on a more expensive hosting plan. Enterprise…maybe Business as well.

only 4 colo involed in serving those pages. 10 days cache for 5 page should have a better cache hit ratio.

To my surprise even after APO 40% of request are getting utm parameter as well hitting to server.