APO & Cache Everything + cookie rules

The APO documentation about APO and page rule cache levels states:
“Cache Level: Cache Everything — APO caches pages with all query strings. Default cookies rules still apply.”

However, when I turn on a cache everything rule, in addition to APO, logged in wordpress administrators are served front end pages from cache and hence don’t see the wordpress admin bar that would allow them to more easily edit a page. When I disable this rule, the admin bar shows as expected.

Can someone please confirm if there is a workaround for this (besides using a custom bypass on cookie rule, which I don’t currently have access to).

If helpful, this happens on multiple WP instances on the same domain hosted on Pantheon and Flywheel.


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I don’t think it is recommended to club the Cache Everything page rule and APO together.
APO essentially does the same thing as cache everything. Plus APO has the ability to clear cache automatically whenever you publish a post or make any changes to the site.
With cache everything, you have to purge the entire cache to reflect changes.
That’s why CF introduced APO.
The admin bar is cached when you use the cache everything page rule. You can just use APO. OR, if you must, you can add an additional page rule to bypass the cache for logged in users

Thanks, Sarang

I don’t think they do the same thing in the case. The reason I used Cache Everything rule is because I want to cache pages that use non-standard query parameters which otherwise cause a cache bypass. And using Cache Everything does solve that problem, and in conjuction with APO does not cache the admin bar. However, cache pages (without the admin bar) are served to logged in users which is what I am trying to avoid.

In order to bypass the cache for logged in users, I would need to upgrade to the $200 plan - which I can do, but based on the wording of the documentation it sounded like that shouldn’t be necessary.