APO breaks homepage

Hi, everyone. APO breaks homepage design on desktop. And the homepage header menu is unclickable on mobile. Other pages are all fine. Will bypassing the homepage solve the problem? How can I bypass the homepage?

I tried to disable CSS and JS optimization but it didn’t work.

not the exact issue, but our wordpress homepage wasn’t updating with apo. ended up using the api to purge cache and run it periodically as a scheduled task.

if you don’t want to go the api route, try purging the page cache from the caching menu manually and see if that fixes the problem.

if you want to bypass cache for a specific page, you can do it in page rules.

Thanks. I purged it many many times.

But I don’t know how to write page rules. I wan to bypass the homepage, header and footer.

page rules is pretty easy stuff. you don’t need to write anything. click on Rules, Page Rules, Create Page Rule. enter the url you want cache to bypass. use dropdown to select Cache Level and then choose Bypass. Save and Deploy. may take a bit of time to kick in.

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This will bypass only the homepage, right?

How can I bypass the header? It is unclickable on many pages.

This might be related to this issue: Cloudflare on Bluehost and Optimization Plugins - #10 by M4rt1n

Which version of the Cloudflare Plugin are you using? v4.8.3 should have fixed that issue.

@newbie110, yeah, that should it.

for the other stuff like headers depends on how the header is generated. if it’s some dynamic asset fetched by the pages, then perhaps you’d like to bypass cache for that particular asset too, like js, css, etc.

if it’s s static part of the page then it gets more complex since it’s part of the page. you may need to check out esi and such and i haven’t played with that at all.

@M4rt1n ours was on 4.7. i updated it just now. actually the Cloudflare settings page in wordpress never loaded right and still the same. as i recall it was some js caching issue causing the page to show blank and needed to do some acrobatics to get that page to show. also iirc, that plugin is merely just an interface to easily access some of Cloudflare’s functions and it really does nothing. apo will work with or without the plugin. so not very confident that this new version would do anything. we’ll see.

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just wanted to share some updates.

  • the newer Cloudflare wp plugin did not fix the APO over-caching issue.
  • setting page rules for browser cache and edge cache ttl does not fix the problem either.

the homepage and some other index pages caches must be purged for them to be pulled anew and show updated content such as new blog posts.

maybe this is our theme’s fault or maybe some plugin conflict but have gone back to purging cache on a recurring schedule via the api. at least that works.

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