APO breaks contact forms

I’m tried multiple contact forms such as the Jetpack contact form and Forminator. They both have the same issue when using APO. After a few days the contact form will stop displaying. To make sure it’s APO causing the problem I’ve enabled development mode and it works again. I’ve had the same issues with really long page cache times on my server. Locally, however, I can control how long pages are cached for, it seems like caching for more than a day starts to cause issues. The only solution I’ve found is to use a pagerule to disable caching on my contact form page. I used to have contact forms on multiple pages which I can no longer do. Is there any way APO could be worked on to have better compatibility with some of the popular form plugins? Or perhaps it could respect no-cache headers on pages.

How is the contact form generated?
By the JavaScript?

May I ask have you tried disabling Auto Minify -> JS and RocketLoader option from the Speed tab → Optimization at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

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