Apo auto purge on post update doesnt work

Hello, i am on a pro Cloudflare account, and Cloudflare apo auto purge isnt working on my eshop, when i update a product…
I have seen from github that there are others facing this.
This is maybe the most basic crucial functionality making the service unusable, i need your help fixing this asap.
I tried many things like a function to auto purge the updated post on update through Cloudflare api, but it also doesnt work…
Please help me troubleshoot this!



APO is a paid service. The free Cloudflare WordPress plugin has a feature called “Auto Purge Pages on Update”, which is not part of APO. If you are using APO, this feature should be disabled, as stated on the plugin interface. Please clarify which feature you are using so that someone from this community with experience on it may help you.


I have only enabled APO on the plugin, i have left Auto Purge Pages on Update OFF as it should be.

OK, so this is an APO issue, not an Auto Purge on Update issue. The Github link is irrelevant here.

To increase the chances someone with APO experience provides you with a meaningful response, please share more details of your problem, including screenshots of headers that indicate APO is not working. Also, check the documentation:

Yes i meant apo’s autopurge functionality isnt working, not the other auto purge service…
My headers for Chrome → Dev Tools → Network → Doc are like this

  1. age:2526
  2. alt-svc:h3=“:443”; ma=86400, h3-29=“:443”; ma=86400
  3. cache-control:public, max-age=2592000
  4. cf-apo-via:tcache
  5. cf-cache-status:HIT
  6. cf-edge-cache:cache,platform=wordpress
  7. cf-ray:787614d3eb73ee7f-ATH

apo is working for sure, please tell me if there is anything else i can provide…