APO and WP Rocket seems not 100% compatible

My website has been using WP Rocket for almost a few months, and I added APO later on It improved the PSI scores and gave 98-100 almost all the time.

With the above great result. Web Vitals haven’t been stable all the months so far, and when they fail, it’s because of the CLS metric.

but when checked from the PSI, CLS is 0. So I’ve created an alert system from PHP and PSI API to get random URLs from the website sitemap and test that specific URL from PSI API and if scores are below 90, the report sends the email with all Core Metric Values along with the JSON output from the API.

and I figured out, Randomly, that some URLs are NOT serving cached versions and that by opening JSON output from the PSI tool, Delaying JS Execution wasn’t working. It sounds like WP Rocket is broken! So I’ve written them the situation and after two months of investigation, they proved that the clearing cache on the website working and it’s also sending commands to the CF APO. That means the communication between WP Rocket and CF APO is working.

and on the other hand, for some reason, from the CF APO, the cache clearing wasn’t working randomly.

am not sure if this is something that CF Support can assist with since I’m using a FREE plan and just a CF APO subscriber.

but I deserve a solution I guess.

IF not to keep website metrics stable, I have to un-subscribe from APO.

Any help?

Thank you!