APO and Rocket Loader

Hello all!

I’ve found this post: https://community.cloudflare.com/t/should-i-use-apo-and-rocket-loader-together/334195

However, this support page(https://developers.cloudflare.com/support/third-party-software/content-management-system-cms/what-settings-are-applied-when-i-click-optimize-cloudflare-for-wordpress-in-cloudflares-wordpress-plugin/) says by default it would turn off Rocket Loader for WordPress sites that have APO installed and if you use the Optimize button.

Does anyone know why that setting disables Rocket Loader? It’s actually beneficial to us in our tested speed tests to leave Rocket Loader enabled.

Due to this conflicting information, we are unsure if there is a negative reason to have Rocket Loader enabled.

Hi @frank41

APO is not turning off Rocket Loader, it is just tellling that this is the standard configuration when you activate the APO plugin.

There is no hinder for you to not use Rocket Loader, you just need to go to your Cloudflare dashboard and activate it.

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Thank you. I am just wondering why the standard would be to not enable Rocket Loader if it’s a useful feature.

Hi @frank41, RL is a feature that may at times break a website, depending on your WordPress collection of plugins and other settings. For that reason, it cannot be set as default. Users need to enable and test it to make sure it’s working as intended, without any bad side-effects.

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