APO and Pinterest Query String


Here you added most social media query strings to APO so Cloudflare can cache them: APO and Query String Cache

Pinterest is adding a " ?epik= " string to their URLs and it’s not being cached. Can you please add it to the list?


Probably best to ping @yevgen on this.

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@michael thanks for pinging. @DarkR could you link to Pinterest documentation about epik query parameter? I can’t find it easily.

I can’t find Pinterest official documentation either. This is close: https://help.pinterest.com/en/business/article/pinterest-tag-parameters-and-cookies

But you can click to the URL on a pin like this one and you will see the ?epik (here’s the URL I got)

I think you must be logged in on Pinterest to get it. (Of course most user are logged in when using Pinterest)

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Ok, we will add support for epik query string in APO.


This change will go live by the end of today.


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