APO and headers help

I decided to give APO a go on my website and found that there was no difference in speed or TTFB. I contacted support and they told me it was because my cache control header was set to max-age=0. What is the easiest way to add the correct headers to a WordPress site and what values should I use?

EDIT: I have managed to figure out how to add the headers by using:
Header set Cache-Control “max-age=604800, public”

Is that a correct max-age value?

Could you please share the x-via and cf-cache-status in the response headers when you request your website? or could you please share the ticket #?

cf-cache-status says: HIT
x-via says: speedwp/cache

I am very impressed with APO and it is definitely worth it for people who want to speed up their website.

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