APO and Firefox 86


In firefox debug mode, when I check headers it is always set as

cf-apo-via: origin,no-cache
cf-cache-status: BYPASS

Working fine in chrome and safari. Any suggestion

This isn’t an APO issue. It’s Firefox sending a no-cache in the request.

But on other website it is showing perfect caching header in firefox. Why not on my site?

Show me the Request Headers.

Hmmm…I know this has come up before, but on my test site, I get a BYPASS also.

Annnnd, of course it’s a HIT now. But Firefox didn’t send the no-cache headers. So I clicked Disable Cache and Firefox sent the no-cache headers and now it’s BYPASS. Turned off Disable Cache and forced a refresh, and it’s still BYPASS, but Cloudflare already set its cookie. If I close my Private window, then open a new one, the HIT/BYPASS cycle repeats.

I still don’t think this is specifically APO. What’s the URL you’re testing that’s showing a BYPASS?

https://trending.fropky.com showing a bypass on APO
https://www.storypick.com/ showing cache with APO in same firefox.

Even after cookie cache clear on firefox. and no-cache request headers remain same for both domain.

Issue resolved. Thanks

How did you resolve the issue?

Removed cloudflare plugin and restarted server. Installed it again. Clear cache(edge).