APO and Browser TTL

Hey All,

It might sound silly, but does anyone know if the Cloudflare Browser TTL headers instruct visitors to keep the static HTML.

Like setting browser TTL for one hour or six months, would that only affect JS, CSS, and images, or with APO, it will also influence the HTML side. Right now using the standard four hours with APO but would like to increase it to 30 days, but I am a bit worried about this idea.


Great question! And I couldn’t find an answer in search.

It looks like it does. I compared behavior with a recently posted APO site here, and a non-APO dev site of mine. When I reload a home page on the APO site, my browser pulls it from cache. When I reload my dev site, it did not reload from cache.

If I remember correctly, cache-control for HTML will be also affected.

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Yeah, I had a feeling about this.

Maybe a cloud flare dev may confirm, which would be good.

Thanks for the info guys.

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