APIs and website is not reachable through wifi

We’re getting a rise complaints from our users who can’t reach our website or call our APIs using their wifi network, switching the wifi to 5G from the same ISP makes it work. we can’t pin the error since the requests are timing out on tls and never reaching our infra

What is the domain?


Your domain has an incorrect DNSSEC configuration. You have DNSSEC enabled at your registrar, but disabled at Cloudflare.

Either disable it at your registrar, or enable it at Cloudflare and update the DS record at your registrar with the data provided by Cloudflare.


Cloudflare is the registrar in our case

Did you recently transfer the domain to Cloudflare?

Try disabling DNSSEC and re-enable it after a few minutes. If that doesn’t fix the issue, just keep it disabled and create a ticket with the Registrar category.

Yes it was with google domains before and was transfered for months now
Will try disabling and reenabling again

Much appreciated!

This is sadly didn’t resolve the issue after more than 24 hours

Your website has been working fine for me since about 5 minutes after your last reply yesterday.

I did not check the TTL of the DS records yesterday, but it might just be that they have not expired yet.

@ali22 if you are still encountering this issue, can you reply on your ticket 3189056 and include
Could you please provide a [Traceroute (MTR)](Gathering information for troubleshooting sites · Cloudflare Support docs)?

We also need:
1/ example of affected IP address
2/ results of /cdn-cgi/ endpoint

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