[ApiError { code: 10000, message: "Authentication error", other: {} }]

Hi, I have just seen the new blog post on Worker sites, so I decided to give it a try, I generated a full-permission API key, and wrangler config’d it, the API key works using the curl command.

I then generated a worker site project using wrangler generate, and then added my account ID to the wrangler.toml

However, when I try to wrangler preview --watch it says Error: [ApiError { code: 10000, message: “Authentication error”, other: {} }]

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Oh and yes, I saw the other post with this error, and everyone is saying to log out and log back in. That didn’t work - that issue seemed to be displayed on the Cloudflare dashboard whereas I am seeing it in the CLI

Have you added your IP to the exclusion (white) list?

What do you mean? I’m trying to deploy a site to Workers Sites, nothing to do with any of my zones