Is there anyway of changing the “API Zone ID” in Overview?

You can drop the domain and re-add it.


I gave it out public by accent.

I am sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately, many did it too here on the forum, so we had to redact the data in their posts :slightly_frowning_face:

Actually, the ID might be tied to the domain and won’t change. You could try to drop it, wait a couple of days, and then re-add it, but you still might not have a guarantee that it will change.

For starters I would advise to change all other access credentials. As long as they don’t have any other tokens, they should not be able to do much.

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Try drop it reapply latter. Got very some details. So I have now created an new account, now they have new ID’s.

Rather silly, CF doesn’t give away changing them. As we could all agree “to error is human”.

The Zone ID and Account ID are not sensitive.

Sensitive data like account API Key, Secrets etc. can all be revoked, rotated or changed.

See the comment below on the Wrangler repo:

as per our security team, it’s completely Fine to have your zone_id and account_id public, the Global API key and associated email address should be kept secret.

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Again, the ID is like your username. It’s not ideal if you share it but as long as you keep the actual authentication credentials private, it should not be an issue.

But you already switched account anyhow and got a new one issued.

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