Api without curl

how can i use your api without using curl? example pls

Well, what are you expecting to be able to use?

i want to view, add, update my dns records, i use php 5.4 and curl gives me fatal error, me provider does not support curl or maybe i dont understand how to use it

also in github i found curlemu.php but i dont know how to use it. can someone explain me how to view, edit, add dns records to Cloudflare using php without curl or with the class shown in curlemu.php?

Cloudflare has a PHP library GitHub - cloudflare/cloudflare-php: PHP library for the Cloudflare v4 API that is missing newer stuff but it does offer DNS support.

thank you for your reply, but this script works on php7 and earlier, is there any for php5?

PHP5 is very much obsolete:


You can use Postman on Windows/MacOS:



I know that it is very old, but my project is written on this version, so i can not update my php version, because some scripts may not work. I know postman but i need curl in my project. If there is any orher options it would be appreciated. thanks a lot.

I suggest you head over to stackoverflow, as this isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Ask if the PHP crowd has a non-curl way to make API calls.

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in github there exists curlemu.php, but i did not understan how to use it, can you take a look?

I am afraid the forum is not intended for development discussions. Best to check out StackOverflow as @sdayman suggested.

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