API Token Zone Settings

I’m in search of specific info on one API token setting.
It is on the Edit zone DNS template
In Permissions, it is set to Zone - Zone Settings - Edit

I have a plugin tutorial telling me to add this permission and I want to be super sure I know what it is doing first.

I’ve looked through all of the CF API token info I could find, but there is nothing that explains what this setting does. I may mention it, but no explanation.

May I ask did you used this already?:

And checked here?:

May I also ask what is the thing You want to achive via API?
Manage your DNS records via API or?

Thank you for the links. I had seen the first 2, and several others, but not the last one and it does not apply.

This is for a caching/optimization plugin and looks like the particular one I called out is so that the plugin can automatically change settings at Cloudflare to ensure it is properly integrated.

I was concerned about that, but guessing the whole point of creating the token is to limit the reach of the thing it is connected to.