API Token rate limit issue

I’m trying to set up API access on a Wordpress site to leverage the CDN more effectively and have tried multiple plugins [including the official Cloudflare version] to basically no success, the official Cloudflare just goes into a continuous spinning wheel

I keep having the same error i.e:

{"success":false,"errors":[{"code":971,"message":"Please wait and consider throttling your request speed"}],"messages":[],"result":null}

There basically zero mention of this error code in the docs and only a couple of passing reference in this forum.

I’m not getting any hits on the firewall logs or error code searches for any of my domains matching 971. I’ve also tried 429 [too many requests]

Polling the API from my local machine seems fine no matter how often I hit.

I’ve have access to a couple of different Cloudflare accounts for clients which host with us and some who don’t, the issue seems to occur across all of them when using our primary VPS which is hosted with Linode.

Trying the same set up on a different Cloudflare account and different VPS works first time.

Which leads me to believe there might be some other users in the same address range and Cloudflare is perhaps counting a range together than my specific address.

Any help on how I can resolve this would be much appreciated.

I’ve tried whitelisting the server IP and adding a specific rate limit rule to no avail.