Api token home assistant

I am trying to use this DNS for home assistant and I am stuck trying to get a api token going for remote access, if anyone has any instruction on where to start please give me a please to start

How exactly are you “stuck trying to get an API token”?

What steps have you taken? And what was the result of those steps? Have you encountered any error messages you can share with us? Or do you have no clue at all where to begin?

Providing more information about your situation makes it easier for us to understand your problem and help you.

If you have no clue at all where to begin, kindly follow the official documentation pages linked below:

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Yes this is my first try at this remote access, when it ask me for my api token it doesn’t recognize anything I put in there, I may not have finished setting up my DNS putting the A or www in front of it, I’m not sure if I need to, also I’m doing everything from my Samsung Note, I have Google Home down, but doesn’t offer what HA does, I also have that on an odroin n2+, I feel like a 1st grader yes I have alot to learn, my brother inlaw is a anti hacking specialist, and used to work for Microsoft got me into this and I am not going to quit, I’ll study your links and start again later, thank you for your response and understanding my inexperience.