API to request origin host's IP address?

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I’m a developer at a hosting/transit provider. Due to our expansive network consisting of re-sellers as well as direct customers we have to forward a lot of incoming abuse complaints.

For this we often receive complaints regarding websites which are behind Cloudflare. So before we are able to forward the abuse complaints, an employee of ours will have to manually request CF for the ‘real’ IP address for each case.

Does CF offer an API to automate this? I have searched through your API documentation but could not find it.

I think it would save a lot of manual work on both sides!

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If CF receives an abuse complaint via cloudflare.com/abuse, they will forward the complaint to both the owner of the site (via CF) and the hosting company behind the website. That is the only way CF will give up the IP address of the website using their services, you can’t get it via anything else since it would be ripe for abuse.

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Hi Judge,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been in contact with Cloudflare about this so this topic can be closed.

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