API to change configuration on Super Bot Fight Mode

Hi All,

I’ve found the CloudFlare protection is very effective.

My question is:

  1. Is there any API call to change this setting?

I am referring to Firewall - Bots - Configure Super Bot Fight Mode
On Likely Automated there are 3 options: Allow, Block, Challenge

We’d like to create a script on schedule basis to be able to change this value to Allow / Block / Challenge.

  1. I noticed that if we use more defensive approach on Likely Automated section = Block.
    We might block some legit users ( our current problem ), on the other hand if we set to Allow.
    There will be some BAD BOTS trying to overload our web server.

Could I please get any advice on this from the community?


If the docs at api.cloudflare.com don’t show anything, try making a change from the dashboard, then check the Audit Log. Sometimes it gives a hint as to what the API call is.

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