API support for filtering videos on Stream by meta properties

Hello! We are building an app where users can work on multiple in-app projects and then record and upload videos of themselves working on specific projects and share these videos.

We are currently using Cloudflare Stream to upload and stream the videos. One feature that we are currently working on is having a way for a user to view all the videos they have uploaded in the context of a specific project. We were thinking of adding the project ID as a meta-data field (say projectId) when generating the video upload link, and then using the Stream API to fetch the list of videos which have the projectId meta-data field set to the current one.

I was looking at the Stream API documentation, but it does not seem like the list of optional parameters I can use to filter the list is available in the documentation.

I know that it is possible to fetch all videos by a specific creator, but I am not sure of how I can add an additional filter

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