API Requests limits & API general limits


I’m interested to know if i can increase the api [ 1,200 (5 min range)] limit while increasing the plan for my account.
If this is possible, is there information available with all the api limits (bind import records limit etc) for each plan?

Is there also the option to get a quote for a custom plan/package with custom api limits?

My use case, similar to [other-similar-post] is that i need a limit per domain/zone_id of 2 requests per second. How could I accomplish this?

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Account Dash Ticket - API Requests limits and api general limits

I believe that the plan with the most versatility on rate limiting is the enterprise package; from your description, I’m guessing that it’s the most appropriate solution.

I advise reaching out to them and setting a meeting to see if the enterprise package matches your needs.