API request returns scanned range dates for a month


Hi guys,

Using Postman, I sent an API request for all Firewall Events that matched an specific IP address in the past 3 months. The intention is to assess whether it’s still the case to keep that IP address blocked.

The request:


The variables were respectively filled with the zone ID and the current date in ISO 8601 format.

Whenever it returns some records, it comes with a “scanned_range” between the first and last event (this guy coincidentally just hit my website today with almost 700 requests!):

    "scanned_range": {
        "since": "2019-05-04 10:07:48",
        "until": "2019-05-17 19:52:32"

Now if I make the same request for a zone for which there were no such events, I get as scanned_range the period of a month up to today:

    "scanned_range": {
        "since": "2019-04-17 19:39:08",
        "until": "2019-05-17 19:39:08"

But my request has parameters Since set to Feb 17 and Until set to today. Is the request ignoring my Since/Until parameters, or is this scanned_range something else? The documentation says Since can be set up to 1 year ago.

Also, must I use the Since and Until parameters, or having set the limit to, say, 1000 the request would fetch as far back as necessary to fill the 1000 records?