API Request Failures in Dashboard

I was curious if anyone else gets constant failures in the Cloudflare dashboard. Most of the time it’s just a notification banner that explained fetching the API is not working but other times the UI completely breaks and a refresh of the page is necessary. At first I thought it might be the browser but I’ve experienced it in Safari, Firefox and Chrome with and without warp and browser extensions enabled.

I see that the community has brought this up a few times here in this forum with near no responses from Cloudflare. Also Cloudflare support is near non-exsistent or very commonly responds once with an open question saying they will get back and you never hear from them again.

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/[***removed***]/flags (undefined)API

Request Failed: GET /api/v4/user (undefined)

For all the cool, new tech Cloudflare is introducing to this space they’re clearly failing at support.

Regardless of the tier a customer is at, it should not be acceptable to not respond to support requests.

I see you have two open issues with active discussions going on with the agents. Is there a ticket regarding this we should look at?

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@cloonan I wouldn’t consider the two open tickets “Active” at all, Support literally does not respond to questions as you can see from each ticket open.

For instance the first ticket regarding not being able to sync sites was opened on Oct 27th, a second inquiry on the 29th to see if there was any update and Lindsey contacting me on Nov 11th (14 days later), me responding immediately on Nov. 11th explaining it was never resolved and there has not been a response to that ticket now going on 29 days with no response.

The latest ticket regarding having a soft limit reached I ask if the limit can be increased or if there can be a plan made available to me so I can pay. I sent out that ticket on the Nov 17th, Damian responded Nov 17th, I responded with what I mentioned above to resolve the issue and I have not heard from anyone since Nov 17th now going on 22 days with no response for the second ticket.

I realize there’s an need to try and solve problems here within the community portal first as I did but the two open tickets show there’s a need for direct response from Cloudflare which, from my opinion, has failed. Cloudflare should have the decency to respond/deny/approve/fix and help close customer tickets. No response is not acceptable.

Regarding this question “API Request Failures in Dashboard” it’s just something I wanted to point out, the rest was ranting on the support I’ve received. Thank you.