Api request failed?

No reason to yell.

Bugs certainly happen and every couple of months people actually experience them here too. Every couple of months.

But again, there really is not more that I can say at this point. You dont even seem to have Rocket Loader enabled.

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Bugs do happen. Hence Sandro’s suggestion to analyze your site’s coding. It’s one thing to simply use .css and .js from third parties; it’s quite another to actually understand what they do and and don’t do; if they’re necessary or not. Your site is very weighed down with excess scripts some of which do throw errors. Simply because it may “work locally” for you does not mean it should function fine when online.

Im really not concerned with rocket loader at this point if CF can’t even make my site work properly due to what im sure is a really dumb bug.

Im also, tired of talking to end users who are unable to solve an issue within CF.

So unless someone has something constructive to add that would explain why this issue is happening, or you work for CF, I’m done reading comments.

Pardon me, I forgot my magic wand

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So you understand the reason I’m flagging this. I find it offensive that you a) assume I’ve not read everything. I have. b) You label me a “spammer”. That is most offensive.

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The API errors are still there.

I believe enough is enough.

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I agree, but the same applies to this thread in general.

Enough is enough, and I have had quite enough of people giving the same misguided feedback that we have already determined isn’t a factor.

We havent, you have determined something but nobody can verify that.

If you are convinced it is an issue with Cloudflare and you dont want the community’s help your only option is to either debug it yourself - as I suggested quite a few times - or to contact support. It is your choice.

Anyhow, nothing justifies personal attacks.

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its probably also my code that is causing the CF 521 page to not have styling.

And what do you expect - quote - “end users” to do about that? Contact support.

Are you aware of some other form of CF support that I am not privy to? Because this is the only option it gives me when trying to seek support.


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At this point, @Stage4000, you should reach out to Support to see if they can offer any insight into why you’re seeing a 521 error that we cannot reproduce. Additionally, if you’re still seeing the unrelated API error on dash, let them know that & include a recent screenshot as I cannot reproduce that in your account.

When you contact Support, they’ll ask you if you’ve verified your web server is running normally (Quick fix 1) & perhaps ask if you’ve reviewed the error logs to find the error. Your health checks could in fact be introducing the 521 if your host is rate limiting.

Note that checking to see if other cloudflare zones with the same IP & nameservers have the same issue or not is not one of the quick fix ideas - it does not help answer the question of why is this site having issues.

OK, closing this thread in a few minutes as it’s not driving towards resolution. I’ll update it here with root cause if & when we hear from Support.


thank you


well that page doesn’t seem to work. It brings up a modal that asks me to select a domain for which I am seeking support and when I do so it just takes me to the dashboard for that domain.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help at the bottom of the page. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post.

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thats the same page he gave me. but apparently it works via that address.

Big thank you to @cloonan & @sandro

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Actually, the explanation is way simpler.

You run an adblocker, dont you? Your domain has the dubious honour to have made it onto EasyList’s blocking list

That also explains the lack of styling of the error page.

Honestly, I doubt any of this could have worked when you had paused Cloudflare.