Api request failed?

I recently added a domain to my CloudFlare account (adshare.club) and when I go to the cloudflare dashboard and start working with this domain it keeps giving me the following error.

API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/accounts/337ca368b56f9d61bcde263b9068ab80/registrar/domains/adshare.club (undefined)

Also, it is returning a 521 error on the domain despite my other domains working using the same CloudFlare name servers, and having the same target server.

UPDATE: The domain is resolving now but its style is beyond messed up. Its not carrying over any images or styles it appears.

What it should look like:

What it does look like through cloudflare:

You have quite a few JavaScript related error message in the browser console. Check that out.


There is something wrong with CF. There are no errors when I view the source locally and on a different domain.

Very unlikely.

Pause Cloudflare and check if the issue still occurs. Possibly mixed content.

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Already did and it works fine if I disable CF.

^thats what happens when I go to the domain on my dashboard.

Do you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

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Sorry, that’s not going to be possible. Not sure what that would even accomplish anyways since this is clearly something wrong within CF. Something happened when I added the site to CF that has apparently caused some kind of error. I am running an uptime bot now and it returns a 521 about every 4th ping, the same bot has no problem when it views my other sites that are using the exact same routing as this domain.

That is not that clear and actually rather unlikely.

If you cant reveal your origin there is not much more that can be suggested than opening the developer tools and start debugging.

Again, you have some JavaScript issue and there might be mixed content.

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There is no JS issue in the code, as stated previously twice now the site works perfectly when I move it to another domain.

If everything works when I view it on another domain but doesn’t work on the domain that is giving API errors when I try to manage it in the CF panel, then how is it unclear that this is a CF issue?

And that is?


No offence, but I wont analyse the issue based on your blank statements. Another domain can have a completely different configuration.

In 99 out of a 100 cases these issues are site related and should this turn out to be an actual Cloudflare issue, the congratulations you’d be one of the few who actually experience such one every couple of months :wink:

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Any time I go to manage this domain on CF I get multiple errors just from loading the page for the domain in the dashboard. This coupled with the weird ■■■■ going on when the domain is accessed and the fact that using another domain that has the exact same routing works fine, leads me to more than believe that this is cloudflare’s problem.

The dashboard is unrelated to your site and so are errors.

Again, if you can reveal the origin (also in private if you prefer) that would be a starting point, otherwise you’d need to debug that yourself. I have already given you two starting points for that.


Giving you my origin isn’t going to accomplish anything other than publicly exposing a server that I am contractually obligated to prevent the exposure of. You’re not going to be able to troubleshoot anything from there. What I can do is point a subdomain from one of my other domains to act as an alternate.

I have set up test.lionhacks.best to point to the same place as adshare.club and everything works fine there.

^Hi @Stage4000, that error is unrelated to the 521 error your origin is passing to Cloudflare. If you’re still seeing that API error (I am not seeing that in your account at the moment), please let Support know. The team found & fixed that a few weeks ago and if you’re seeing it now, they’ll want to know about it.

Beyond that, if you see the 521 again, you could walk through the first half-dozen quick fix ideas in this tip just to cross them off the troubleshooting list: Community Tip - Fixing Error 521: Web server is down.

I don’t see a 521, perhaps clear cache if you’re still seeing it or try from a different/mobile browser.


It will allow me to verify your claim that the issue only appears in the context of Cloudflare.


check the domain test.lionhacks.best. It points to the exact same origin and works perfectly, further cementing that this is probably a CF issue.

That host also points to Cloudflare, which would actually prove that it is not a Cloudflare issue unless you are trying to suggest Cloudflare’s proxies return content differently based on the host name in the request.

Anyhow, I am afraid there is not much more I can do. As I said earlier I would suggest you check out the developer tools, if that doesnt work for whatever reason I could only refer you to support.

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Like I said previously, the 521 is apparently luck of the draw. My uptime monitor catches it about every 4th scan (which is done every 60 seconds).

What im saying is that for some reason or another cloudflare is having trouble with this domain. BUGS HAPPEN!!!