API Request Failed status=all(500)

i am getting a error on my domain whenever i click on ssl edge certificate my screen frizzes and i am unable to click or work on cloudflare everything is working fine with all other domains but on this specific domain i am geeting this error
please help me i try everything
unable to purchase certifictae though

domain: sourabh.engineer

Is this still not working?

No it’s not working for me only this specific page is not working its freez Everytime I click on edge certificate whole browser freez and Everything working fine on other domains perfectly

Have you tried a different browser? How about mobile device on cellular network?

If all else fails, contact Support:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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yes i tried firefox same issue window frizze and getting same error

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this is the page where my whole clodflare screen frizes and i am unable to find any help option with your link there is links for only cloudflare ask community or statuscheck for cloudflare or help center
please i really need to setup this domain for ssl i have a job interviw in upcoming day i have to show them my portfolio of web developer
help @sdayman

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